2019 Wicklund Science Olympiad Invitational
is closed

We are pleased to announce that the fourth annual Wicklund Science

Olympiad Invitational Tournament will be held on Saturday, 26th January 2019

at Wicklund Elementary school. Registration will open on 7th September.

Science Olympiad teams are invited to participate in the Wicklund Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament.

Where: Wicklund Elementary School, 300 E. Legacy Drive, Mountain House, CA 95391.

Number of Teams: We are accepting registration forms for 32 Division B teams. Each school can register up to 2 teams.

Event sign-ups: Event sign up information will come out on January 5th. You will receive a user name and password by January 5th. Please do contact me by January 6 if you do not receive anything. You will be able to access the sign ups via Sign Up Genius on January 7th at 4 pm. We will have all of the sign-up information out to you soon.

Home rooms/Home bases: We will not have homerooms. There are covered areas in the quad and outside the classrooms that can be used. Events will be held in buildings 100, 200, 300 so schools may have more space to set up in the quad and outside the 600 building. A map will be attached to the updated email coming on January 1.

Flying events: Both Elastic Launch Glider and Battery Buggy will be in the MPR. Both events are open.

Food Trucks: We will have various food trucks set up in the parking lot and the basketball courts in the back for your convenience as there are no restaurants, fast food eateries or grocery stores in Mountain House. Our 8th grade team will also be selling nachos and hot chocolate.

Please Note: If you choose to order food, you will have to pick it up. The closest city is Tracy, CA (15 minutes away) and there are several places to choose from such as Panera Bread, Round Table Pizza, Chipotle, Subway, etc.

Events:We expect each team to run the complete event including all materials, personal, and copies that are needed. Obviously if something come up right before the tournament, we will do our best to assist. When writing the tests, please keep in mind the amount of time you have for grading and the fact that we have teams and students who have never competed in Science Olympiad before and have students and teams who have had success at the state and national level, the exams should have a range of questions so everyone can have some success but also everyone is challenged. We don’t want a test average of 15% and we don’t want four teams to score 100% on the exam (seen them both and they are both difficult to deal with in this setting).

Electronic versions of the exams: One of the benefits of an invitational is getting back all the exams along with the answer keys. To facilitate that, we ask that the FINAL version of the exam AND answer key be emailed to rdinesh@sjcoe.net with the subject line: WSO EXAM. One file with both the exam and answer key is preferred. We will distribute the exams within a couple of days of the invitational to those teams who have shared your exams with us. Obviously, some events do not have exams (engineering events and such) so you will not have to worry about that. Getting the tests, a couple of days before the invitational, allows us to concentrate on the tournament on that Saturday. Exams returned: After the awards ceremony, you will get back all your exams you took that day. Engineering event supervisors: Score sheets can be found on the following page (also useful for individual coaches/team members): https://www.soinc.org/scoresheets

Scoring penalties: Officially: “officials are encouraged to apply the least restrictive penalty for rules infractions”. Unofficially: It is an invitational, let’s ensure the team members learn from their “errors” here so they are not repeated.

Arbitration: It is an invitational, so we basically won’t have anything in place. Most coaches have the (correct, in my view) attitude that this day is all about learning from our success and failures and if there is even a question of something falling outside the rules, it is something to be corrected before the next tournament and not haggled over here. If we have to solve a dispute, we will. As always, please ask us any questions as they come up. Updates will be coming more often from here on out.

Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful day of science and learning.

To Register: Mail in the attached registration form with entry fee to the listed address.
Deadline: Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Contact Information:

  • Mrs. Radhika Dinesh
  • Wicklund Elementary School
  • 300 E. Legacy Drive
  • Mountain House, CA 95391
  • rdinesh@sjcoe.net

There are a total of 23 events per division planned at the Regional and State Tournaments in addition to Trial/Test Events

2019 Division B (Middle School) Events

Earth and Space Science

Dynamic Planet
Road Scholar
Solar System

Inquiry & Nature of Science

Experimental Design
Game On
Mystery Architecture
Write It Do It

Life, Personal & Social Science

Disease Detectives
Anatomy and Physiology
Water Quality

Physical Science & Chemistry

Crime Busters
Potions and Poisons
Circuit Lab
Density Lab

Technology & Engineering Design

Battery Buggy
Elastic Launched Gliders
Roller Coaster